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A one-stop site for weekly Parsha sheets and Divrei Torah 


Attention all Users

The site can no longer support the thousands of files stored on the numerous site archive pages and its weekly homepage. 

This prevents the site from being updated and maintained with new files as has been done for the last three years.

The site WILL be rebuilt over the next few weeks with many improvements and additions for a more pleasant user experience. The newly updated site will include a broad search function allowing users to filter categories such as parsha, Yom Tov, story, chassidus, english, hebrew, halacha, daf yomi, beginner,  etc., 

Contributors to the site will in the future upload on their own to allow for a more streamlined process with less delay in upload time. These improvements and others are Iy''H coming!

For the next few weeks instead of the site being updated daily, one email will be sent out weekly, typically late Thursday . These will include large pdf magazine style files with all content that would usually be offered on the site. A linkable Table of Contents will be included  for easy access. Parsha files that are large in page numbers will continue to be posted to the site so as to decrease the size of the combined file pdf sent in the weekly email.

You can still access archive parshios from previous years.

Subscribing to the weekly emails can still be done via the subscribe button on the site. To donate please use the link on the website which is still operational. Sponsorship is still available which will be featured in the two emails sent out  weekly. 

At this point $5000 is needed to build the site in the manner described above. All users are asked to please help support this site if you can by contributing  even a small amount. 

Thank you.


Thank you for all those that contributed generously and for the wonderful feedback. You can still have a zechus in this project by contributing to the continuous maintenance of this site. 

The site is currently being updated and will be live in the coming weeks. Stay Tuned!


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