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A one-stop site for weekly Parsha sheets and Divrei Torah 


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May all the Torah and Mitzvos generated through be a very great z’chus for

Refuah Shlaima Meir Chai ben Nazira 

Aliyas Haneshama  for

Malka bas Aaron Dov Ber – Yahrtzeit 6th Sivan

Chaya Esther bas Avraham Yitzchok Izaak –Yahrtzeit 13th Sivan

Yosef ben Shimon – Yahrtzeit 14th Sivan

Yisrael ben yosef – Yahrtzeit 14th Sivan

Edith bas Yosef – Yahrtzeit 18th Sivan


הרה"ג רבי יודא הכהן כ"ץ - בישול עכום א

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